Among our greatest challenges as a nation
today is making America a safe place
to grow old
.”  — Lisa Nerenberg


Areas of Interest

Financial abuse

How and why seniors are vulnerable to financial crimes, and what can be done about it, are primary concerns of Nerenberg’s.
Details and selected publications

Coalition building and interdisciplinary exchange

Nerenberg has been helping professionals and paraprofessionals understand each other’s distinctive language, ideologies, and tools of the trade since the early 1980s.
Activities in this area and publications.

Cultural issues in elder abuse

Elder abuse reflects the breakdown of traditional values, roles, and relationships within some cultural communities. Reversing these trends by reinforcing cultural strengths and traditions, acknowledging the economic and social factors that contribute to abuse, and building on the strengths of families and communities is the goal of culturally specific outreach programs.
Selected activities and publications

The role of the criminal and civil justice systems in elder abuse prevention

Civil and criminal courts are playing an increasingly prominent role in preventing elder abuse. Ensuring justice for elders requires that they have access to the justice system, protection, compensation and restitution for their losses, information, and a voice in legal procedings. Also needed are alternative approaches to justice that engage families and communities. Selected programs and publications on legal issues.

Caregiving and elder abuse

Competing demands on family caregivers, societal pressures to serve increasingly frail seniors at home, and a critical shortage of affordable home care workers has created an environment that is ripe for conflict, neglect, and exploitation. Examples of Nerenberg’s activities in this area and publications.

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