Among our greatest challenges as a nation
today is making America a safe place
to grow old
.”  — Lisa Nerenberg


Areas of Interest

Coalition building and interdisciplinary exchange

On Coalitions
“If I take a finger and touch you, you may feel it.
If I use two, you will know you have been tapped.
But if I bring together all of the fingers into a fist, I can give a mighty blow.” — Mary McLeod Bethune, civil rights activist

No single organization or discipline has claim to all the knowledge, resources, or expertise that’s needed to prevent elder abuse. Effective prevention requires interdisciplinary exchange, dynamic networking, and consensus building. Helping professionals and paraprofessionals understand each other’ distinctive language, ideologies, and tools of the trade has been an interest of Nerenberg’s since the early 1980s. Activities in this area include:

  • Directed the National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse's affiliate program, a network of state and local coalitions across the United States and the United Kingdom and edited nexus, a quarterly publication for affiliates.
  • Served as co-investigator, with Pamela Teaster, on "A national look at elder abuse multidisciplinary teams," a study and report for the National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the National Center on Elder Abuse (2003). This study report is available at [PDF: 118kb]
  • Authored numerous articles and manuals on coalition and team building, including Multidisciplinary elder abuse prevention teams: A new generation (2003). [PDF: 5.6MB]
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