Among our greatest challenges as a nation
today is making America a safe place
to grow old
.”  — Lisa Nerenberg




Training curricula and materials

Effective prevention requires that virtually everyone who works with elders recognizes the signs of abuse and knows how to respond. Training needs to reflect the diverse settings in which professionals work, the mandates under which they operate, and their expertise. It should also explain divergent approaches and points of view. Examples of curricula and training materials:

  • Legal, Ethical and Practice Issues in Self Neglect Cases. A 6-hour course for advanced APS workers for Project Master at the Academy for Professional Excellence; San Diego State University School of Social Work
  • Elder Abuse Training for Frontline Health and Emergency Response Providers. A 6-hour classroom and computer enhanced training curriculum for emergency medical personnel in the Health Education and Community Health Studies Department at City College of San Francisco
  • Improving the Response to Elder Abuse:A Curriculum for Law Enforcement Agencies. Comprehensive (9-module) training curriculum, co-authored with Candace Heisler, for the Police Executive Research Forum
  • Identifying and Responding to Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse in Health Care settings: Guidelines for California Health Care Professionals, co-authored with Diana Koin, MD, for the California Medical Training Center, University of California, Davis Medical Center
  • Responding to Elder Abuse in Long Term Care Facilities: A Training Manual for the San Francisco Ombudsman Program. (2001). The manual has been adapted for use by ombudsmen statewide
  • Developed and conducted Fundamentals of Conservatorship, a 12-hour course for the University of California, Berkeley Extension Division (1994 and 1995)
  • Designed training curricula for statewide adult protective service programs in Georgia, Montana, New York, Washington, and Oregon
  • Executive producer of the multiple award winning video "When Help Was There: Four Stories of Elder Abuse" and of “Serving the Victim of Elder Abuse”

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